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The definition of a watch is a time indicator, designed to be carried on one’s body, and withstand the consequent motions. Wristwatches are meant to be strapped to one’s wrist using a bracelet or other kind of strap, While pocket ones are meant to be carried in one’s pocket. Mechanical devices were developed during the 17th century, using quartz crystals, and the first digital one was developed in the 1970’s.

Although made for the purpose of time keeping, watches have become a kind of jewelry, appreciated for their craftsmanship and aesthetic value. A watch’s movement might be mechanical, electronic, or a combination of both. Traditionally, the mechanical watch uses a spring that needs to be rewound daily, but newer models can use the body’s movements to rewind the spring.

Some brands of watches are made for men or women, while others are suitable for either. Another feature of the watch is the display. While mechanical watches can only have an analog display, electronic ones can be analog as well as digital, or even tactile-a watch that vibrates when touched to indicate the time without needing to look.

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Talking Watches With Jason Singer

Over my time in watches, I have been lucky enough to become acquainted with some truly great scholars and collectors. The greatest scholars – the folks that lead our study and interpretation of collectible watches – are often quiet, reserved people who do what they do because they love and want to understand watches for everyone, not for show or ego. The man you are about to meet has been collecting watches for 32 years, he is an American, and until recently, very few outside his closest circle of friends (think Aurel Bacs and John Goldberger) knew his name. He has been quietly amassing a truly world-class collection that will absolutely leave you in shock and awe – he collects only the rarest and only the absolute finest quality. This, our 15th episode, is your official HODINKEE Talking Watches with Jason Singer. For more, go to: