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Tie Clasps

Tie Clasps

The Tie bar is an accessory designed to clip a tie to the underlying shirt, in order to prevent it from moving. There are two different styles- the pinch clasp and the slide clasp. While the pinch clasp holds the tie better most of the time, it is designed for wider neckties, so using one with a slim tie is inadvisable. The size and position of the bar is also important- it should never be wider than the tie itself, and should be fastened between the 3rd and 4th buttons of the dress shirt, or about the height of the sternum.

While having an important practical use, a tie pin is the perfect accessory for men. The wide range of materials, from precious metals such as silver and gold to semi precious and precious gems make tie slides suitable for casual or formal attire. Adding one to your outfit indicates that you value a proper, neat appearance while making a fashion statement.

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Tie Bar & Tie Clip Primer + How & Why To Wear One

Learn how to wear a tie bar and tie clip the right way & what mistakes to avoid so you look dapper.

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In this Video Sven Raphael Schneider explains
1. Why you should wear a Tie Bar & Tie Clip
2. How To Wear Tie Bar & Tie Clip

00:01 Introduction
01:16 Why to Wear a Tie Bar or Clip
02:42 How to Wear a Tie Clip
03:08 How to Use a Tie Bar
04:00 Proper Positioning of a Tie Bar
05:47 What to buy
06:26 Bonus

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