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Piercing is an art of cosmetic procedure in which one pierces different areas of one’s body in order to insert a jewelry.
Although the most common is piercing the ear, the wording is now usually used when less normative areas of the body are being pierced and are decorated with jewelry, such as the belly button, the tong, eyebrow, nose and many other organs, even human genitals.

The piercing process is usually done with a sterile needle which is hollow. This method enables to insert the jewelry while making the hole.
Some use a piercing gun, but mainly for the ears since other areas of the body are more gentle and sensitive and therefore it’s better to use the needle in order to avoid infections and scars.

The most common jewelry types of piercing are the Barbell and the Ball Closure Ring (also known as BCR).
You can find piercing jewelry in many colors and decorations, such as beads, different kinds of metals (titanium, gold, etc.), precious and semi-precious stones and even diamonds.

It’s important to wear a piercing jewelry made of the right kinds of metals, otherwise the pierced area might be infected and poisonous metals might enter the body and could create an allergic response, infection, or other dangers.

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