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Hair Jewelry

Hair Jewelry

There are many different types of hair jewelry, from simple beads to formal decorations for brides, making them suitable for any event with a variety that would fit dreads, braids, and intricate hairdos. Let’s discuss some of the main categories, and what they mean.


Decorative as well as functional pins meant to hold a hat to the head. Typically around 20 cm long, were worn mostly by women. Interestingly, in the beginning of the 19th century laws limiting the length of hatpins were passed in the US, as a concern arose that they might be used as weapons by the suffragists. A set of hat pins can be a wonderful gift to your feminist loved one, as a symbol of your support of the cause and effort to find a specific and personal gift with a suitable historical meaning.

Hair bangles

Bracelet shaped jewelry meant to be embedded in one’s hair, as a way of styling it in a certain manner or as a decorative element.


Used to hold one’s hair in place, sometimes as an aid to create a certain hairstyle. Although they could be utilitarian, most of the time their placement is used to decorate as well. While some pins are a single straight pin, more often than not modern pins are made of a bent or u- shaped wire to provide a better grip on a lock of hair. Decorations of a hairpin could be an intricate styling of the edge, a precious stone or pearl attachment, or hanging decorations made out of metal, beads, etc.

Hair hanglets

A decorative piece originating in some Indian cultures, the hair hanglets frame the hair much like tiaras, but are not made out of rigid metal, but from a delicate chain or otherwise linked parts, creating different patterns over and across the head, decorating it with the shine of precious metal, the colorfulness of precious or semi- precious stones as well its pattern.


Originally a crocheted light weight hair cover, the term is used to describe a type of formal headwear which is an alternative to a hat when  it was traditionally worn, such as a wedding or a cocktail event. Commonly made with feathers, flowers and beads.

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