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The History of Earrings

Earrings have been used by people for centuries by different cultures; some of the earliest findings are from ancient Persia and Pharaohs tombs. They got back in style during the Renaissance and used by men, though in early modern times up until the 1960′ they were considered exclusively women’s jewelry. Hippie and gay cultures reclaimed their usage for men, as one of the symbols of alternative lifestyle. Rock Punk culture has also used piercings, usually with safety pins, as one of its trademarks.

Earrings Today

Nowadays, earrings are used by men and women, different items are suitable for every occasion, casual or formal, and can be used every day or for that one special occasion such as a wedding, earrings are the perfect accessories for versatility. There are many different styles and designs, such as studs, drop, clip and hoop to name a few. Made of different materials, such as gold, silver, wood and even plastic, and set with precious stones like diamonds or pearls, the options are endless and suitable for babies and elderly alike. They are perfect as gifts, as they always fit.

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