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Charm Bracelets

Charm Bracelets

Charm Bracelet History

Charms have been used by people from the pre-historic times. It is now believed that the first charms were used as protection from evil. Since then they were used as secret identifiers, for protection in battle, as a symbol of spiritual worship, and more. The first charm bracelets are dated 600-400 BC. Queen Victoria (1819-1901) was pivotal to the reoccurring prevalence of charm bracelets among European nobility, as she enjoyed wearing them and used them as gifts. After the death of Prince Albert, she popularized mourning charms that were made to contain hair of the deceased, or depicting their portrait.

Tiffany and Co.

In 1889, Tiffany and Co. introduced the first charm bracelet, with a heart charm hanging from it. The Bracelet became so iconic it is still a symbol of the company to this day. Despite the great depression, during the 1920s charm bracelets were made with diamonds and platinum as well.

WW2 and Onward

Soldiers returning from Europe after WW2 brought charms back with them to their loved ones, and by the 1950s, teens wore charms to represent important hallmarks in their lives. The interest in charm waned slowly until the beginning of 2000, when the movie pirates of the Caribbean created a renewed interest in them.

Contemporary Charm Bracelets

Nowadays, there are many different designs of charm bracelet, and their main appeal is the possibility of customization. Depending on the different styles, bands, size, material as well as the vast variety of charms, every charm bracelet is different and unique, the meaning and origin of each charm known only to the wearer. Materials can vary from wooden beads to intricate handmade designs in precious metals, set with gemstones, Swarovski crystals or diamonds or lockets containing any material or picture.

Dangling Charm Bracelet

The base of this style of bracelet is made of interlocking links, made out of metal. The charms are attached to the links and dangle on the wrist. Dangling charm bracelet are the more traditional ones, and so are the charms that could be found for them. There is a huge variety of shapes, colors, materials, designs and styles all representing special moments that one wishes to commemorate. Girls’ charm bracelets are often dangling ones, as the links allow adjustment and the bracelet will not become too small for use. Some of the most popular brands for this style are Tiffany and Co, Birthstones, Kohl’s and many more.

European Style

This style’s charms are designed as beads with a rope like bracelet. Beads are typically made out of metal or glass. The most trendy European style bracelet is the Pandora, which includes the basic bracelet, divided by threads into three sections, which allows for a straightforward change of the order of the beads on the bracelet.  The bracelet could be made out of gold, silver, leather or fabric and the precious metal ones could be worn separately as a bracelet. The vast variety of charms makes allow for infinite different styles and specific combinations. Made out of materials such as precious metals, gemstones, glass, enamel and wood, and shaped in many ways, though mostly the gemstones, glass and enamel are shaped as beads, and metals are more varied with designs such as letters, animals, etc.

Italian Style

Unlike the European style, the Italian one is made out of flat interlocking charms that create a chain. The charm bracelet is made out of blank links which would be replaced by different charms. The Italian charms are flat and do not hang from loops, and are soldered onto the surface of the bracelet. Different brands of charms could be used on the same bracelet as the size of the links as well as the charms is standardized. Different charms portray letters, flags, and different symbols or could be set with gemstones.

Charm Bracelets- The Perfect Gift for any Woman

Whether you are looking for a gift for your little girl or your grandmother, you can never go wrong with a charm bracelet. Every charm you gift will be used as jewelry and be a reminder of your care every time she looks at her wrist, or complimented for the style of her bracelet. The variety of charms make it affordable, while showing that you wish to be close to her heart, and isn’t it the most important part of a present?

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How to Make a Simple Charm Bracelet

This tutorial shows you how to make a charm bracelet using split rings to quickly and easily attach charms to chain without really even using any tools. This is easy even for beginners with little to no beading experience, and is a great way of using the selection of high quality pewter charms available in Potomac Bead Company locations.