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What is a brooch?

A brooch is a piece of jewelry meant to be attached to garments, traditionally with the intention of keeping them closed. Crafted mostly from precious metals such as gold or silver, decorations are customarily made out of gemstones or enamel. Some of the earliest found brooches are from the Bronze Age, and the details and materials they are made out of changed during the years and differed between different cultures. The specific designs held significance as well, indicating as to one’s culture, ancestry and social status.

Today’s fashion

Today, clothes pins are some of the most versatile accessory, and could fit dress outfits as well as casual and work wear. While vintage style is highly popular, and antique brooches are relatively attainable, adding new designs and materials to one’s collection makes for a larger range of options. While precious and semi precious stones set in metal are more traditional, Swarovski, glass beads and even plastic or polymer clay are now integrated with different metals or plastic bases.


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Wearing a Brooch

Accessories, particularly brooches and other dramatic jewelry, are the key to looking professional and successful.
High-status people wear brooches according to experts.

Where to wear a brooch? On the left or right side of your jacket. Sandy Dumont suggests wearing it on the left side, because that's where the eye goes when shaking hands. Don't wear it too low, because it takes the attention too far from your face.

See examples on this video from The Image Architect, Sandy Dumont. There are copycats, but only one Image Architect. .